The contest “The Oil of the Hills, Landscapes of Extra and Good Agricultural Practice of Lepine, Ausoni and Auruncis”, now in its tenth edition, with the participation of 156 olive farms, despite the worst year of the last discharge 50 years. The event aims to raise awareness of the best extra virgin olive pontine, and also presents a value eco-environmental protection of landscapes dell’extravergine and good agricultural practices.

The competition is sponsored by Capol (Centre Tasters Productions Olive Growing Latina), dall’Aspol (Provincial Association of Manufacturers Olivicoli Latin) and with the sponsorship of the Lazio Region, the Province of Latina, the City of Latin – Department of Tourism, the Chamber of Commerce Latina, Mountain Communities XIII and XVII, Unaprol – Olive Italian Consortium and the Italian League Against Cancer’s (Lilt) – Section of Latina, dell’Ibimet- Cnr.

Saturday, February 21, in Latin, in the splendor of the Great Hall of the Agricultural Institute of Latin America, with over 300 people, was held on the final day of the competition “The Oil of the Hills, Landscapes of Extra.” The meeting was opened by the President of CAPOL and coordinator of the competition, Luigi Centauri, continued with the greetings of the head teacher IIS ‘San Benedetto’, Vincenzo Lifranchi; the Mayor of the City of Latina, Giovanni Di Giorgi and the president of the province of Latina, Eleonora Della Penna.

Also attended by President dell’Aspol, Giovanni D’Achille; Giuseppe Persi, commander of the State Forestry of Latin; Amedeo De Franceschi, the Core Agribusiness and Forestry (NAF); John Orza dell’ICQRF Mipaaf; the manager of the Area Decentralized Agriculture of Latina, Lorenzo Sweets; Eugenio Lendaro Sapienza Rome – Polo Pontino; President of Lilt section of Latina, Alessandro Rossi.

Several administrators of Commons present: the Councillor for Tourism of the City of Latina, Henry Tiero; Mayor of Gaeta, Cosmo Mitrano and Councillor Ranucci Pasquale; Mayor Norma, Sergio Mancini; Mayor Lenola Andrea Antogiovanni; Vice – mayor of Sermoneta, Giuseppina Giovannoli; representing the town of Sezze, Councillor Paul Rizzo; the town of Privett, the counselor Antonio Ines.

The samples were evaluated by the organoleptic test. A panel of tasters of Capol, coordinated by the head-panel Giulio Scatolini, has made the tasting sessions at the Hall Panel of the Chamber of Commerce in Latin America. “Currently operating in the province of Latina hundred tasters participating in the Capol that has a panel Official recognized by MIPAF in June 2014, enabled to perform at the Sala panel of the Chamber of Commerce of Latin assessments of taste like research institutes and other public bodies, in compliance with Community rules “- said the President of Capol, Luigi Centauri.

The meeting was also attended by experts of national fame, who reported on the health aspects and on the technological aspects related to the world of extra virgin. Much appreciated interventions Maurizio Servili University of Perugia who has reported on process and product in the supply chain olive-oil production and Alfredo Caradonna Cardiologist Sisa (Soc. Italian Atherosclerosis Study) that reported on the health properties of extra virgin Olive.

After the coordinator of the competition Luigi Centauri proceeded with the proclamation of the winners.

PRIZE “OIL OF THE HILLS”. Fruity “INTENSE”: 1 Az. Agr. Russian Cosmo, Gaeta; 2nd Iannotta Thomas, Sonnino; 3rd Az. Agr. Iannotta Lucia, Sonnino. Mention: Az. Agr. Arzano Francesco Paolo, Itri; Stamegna Sandra, Itri; Blacks Anna Maria, Cori. Fruity “MEDIUM”: 1st Place Az. Agr. Cetrone Alfredo, Sonnino; 2 ° Az. Agr. Michele Costantini, Sezze; 3rd Alessandro Orsini, Privett. Mention: Altobelli Bernina, Sonnino; Guglietta Ruben, Lenola; Caucci Molara Ubaldo, Cori. Fruity “LIGHT”: 1 Az. Agr. Tenuta dei Ricordi, Lenola; 2nd Antobenedetti Loreto, Sonnino; 3rd John Mancini, Lenola. Mention: Soc. Agr. Casale San Giorgio, Aprilia; Cincinnatus Soc. Coop., Cori; Az. Agr. Coletta Filomena, Sonnino.

Award “Oil DOP Colline Pontine”: 1 Az. Agr. Costantini Michele Sezze; 2 ° Az. Agr. Cetrone Alfredo, Sonnino; Mention: Az. Agr. Russian Cosmo, Gaeta; Az. Agr. Biological Paola Orsini, Privett; Az. Agr. Gregoris De Gregorio, Sonnino; Az. Agr. Flaminio D’Urso, Itri; Az. Agr. Carimini Milvia, Sonnino; Empire Biol Srl, Sonnino; Az. Agr. Coletta Filomena, Sonnino.

Special Mention “Organic Oil”: 1 Az. Agr. Iannotta Lucia, Sonnino; 2 ° Az. Agr. Biological Paola Orsini, Privett. Special Mention “Best Packaging and Label”: 1st Az Agr. The Valley of the Nightingale (Bio), Sermoneta; 2nd Cincinnatus Soc. Coop., Cori.

For the section “Landscapes of extra and good agricultural practice of Lepine, Ausoni and Auruncis”, three committees consist of agronomists and experts in the olive sector, identified nine companies, three for each district, which, with their daily commitment in producing quality oil according to correct agronomic and environmental, perform a function of protection and enhancement of the extraordinary landscape of the Hills olivetato pontine.

SELECTED COMPANIES. Lepine Vincenzo De Santis, Cori; Az. Zoot. Valsitello, Sermoneta; Macali Maurizio, Maenza. Ausoni: Fist Emanuela, Sonnino; John Trani, Monte San Biagio; Caporiccio Vincenzo, Funds. Aurunci: Az. Agr. Mandrarita of Marisa Ruggieri, Itri; Salvatore De Meo, Formia; Simione Gianni, Minto.